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At the very basic level, Z Hair Systems was founded by Bruce Zwelsky to provide non surgical hair replacement options for men.  However, our mission and passion goes quite a bit further.  For generations men have struggled with losing their hair.  This may be a natural progression to our physical bodies, but personally so many of us long to keep the vibrance of our youth as long as possible.

To address this obvious present day need, many hair replacement solutions have surfaced.  Unfortunately, not all options are equal.  Some men opt for expensive surgeries that are risky and don’t yield the desired result.  Others decide on non-invasive methods in the way of hair systems.  Many, sadly, do nothing at all because of the concern that they will not be able to learn the best ways to properly maintain the lifestyle.

This is where Z Hair excels!  We are committed to preparing you in every way possible to live a life of utmost confidence with hair peices that will look great and withstand even life’s most intimate moments without a problem.  Before you know it, you will be looking better, feel better, and walk into any room with your head held high.  That is the Z Guarantee.

A Letter from the CEO

Dear Valued Customer,

Years ago when my hair started thinning I was one of those guys that it affected profoundly. I tried to shave my head only to find that I did not have that perfectly round head with the small ears wherein simply wearing an earring and growing a goatee would do the job. My head was shaped more like a peanut, pointy at the top and flat in the back. So, that look was obviously not the option that worked for me, though I completely understand why some men do it.

Let’s face it, on some guys that look is great. For me, however. not a chance. I decided to go for surgical hair replacement. It was painful and the results were not as dramatic as I had hoped for. Besides, I had to wait a full year for it to start to grow only to be disappointed. What I did not account for was as new hair was growing in, more of my original hair was falling out anyway. So it was almost a nonoccurrence.

My only next choice was to go to one of these hair clubs and try a Hair System. That had come very close to pleasing me, but, they could never get it just right. And it was inconvenient.  I had to make appointments and sit in a waiting room with other people, which made me uncomfortable. So, my final choice was to turn to the internet and try to buy one and “do it myself”.

Many men have made that choice, and that explains why there are so many companies out there. But my story did not end happily ever after at that point. I tried almost every different company out there, and the Hair Systems were not “just right” for me. Why? I like to wear my hair combed back, and I want it to look as though the hair is growing out of my scalp. That requires that a hair system to be made in such a way that under ANY condition, it looks like real growing hair. After multiple attempts, that still was not happening.

At Z Hair, we know that no one wants to walk out of their house with a hair system that looks like Dad’s old toupee. I know that as a young man, I always said to myself that there was no way I would ever wear “one of those”.  We have partnered up with the finest manufacturers of men’s Hair Systems in the world. What makes Z Hair Systems so unique is the basic fact that no one will ever know you are wearing one. There are many technical reasons for this, and we will be glad to discuss all of them when you contact our team.

Please browse our site.  When you are ready, contact us for a free consultation. We offer personal services for the greater New York area, as well as video chats for those living outside our area.

One final note. The reason I decided to enter this field was because, not only do I buy from the best manufacturers, but I personally tweaked my Systems for years. As a result, those who I have told urged me to help others to be able to have a hair system look as good as I achieved with my own. I get calls all the time from friends saying “I just saw another one, I wish I could give them your number”. I am more than confident that we can fulfill your hair needs and once you become part of the Z Team, you will never go elsewhere.

Best Regards,

Bruce Zwelsky
Founder of Z Hair Systems

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