How Can We Help?

Quality and service are two sides of the same coin. At Z Hair Systems we are committed to your complete and total satisfactions.  All of our hair replacement systems for men come with a guarantee.  But beyond this, we want you to know that personalized service is just a call and email away.  We aim to handle every need you may have with the utmost care and will stop at nothing to ensure that Z Hair your go-to, trusted, partner in looking your best.

ready-made order will ship within 48 to 72 hours after order placement.  Please allow 7 – 10 business days for delivery for ground shipment.

custom-made hairpiece smaller than 10” X 8” with hair up to 6” takes approximately 7 to 9 weeks from order to delivery.

    • Add approximately 2 weeks for large base or full wig.
    • Add approximately 2 weeks for long hair orders.
    • Add approximately 3 weeks if the material is:
      • polyskin knotless
      • Thin Polyskin
      • Injected polyskin
  • All times are approximate.
  • Rush (extra charge) shortens above times by approximately ten weekdays.
  • Rush fees are refunded if production time exceeds the current delivery estimates.

Z Hair Systems for men are hand made by human beings. This contributes to the high quality of our products.  There are times where manufacturing can be delayed.  We prefer quality over speed but will always aim to supply your order as soon as possible.

Many custom orders are finished after much shorter wait times than those predicted above. Some times of year are faster than others.

Ready Made Hair Pieces

Please feel free to call or email us any time for the status of your ready made hair system order.  We will seek to respond as quickly as possible.

Custom Hair Pieces

Please feel free to call or email us on the status of your custom order.  We will then contact the manufacturing facility and aquire a reasonable estimate.

Here are two things we can be sure of:

  1. we never ship an unfinished unit,
  2. and we never delay the shipment of a finished unit.

We at Z Hair know waiting isn’t easy, but our attention to detail and commitment to your satisfaction will make the experience and results worth the short moments of anticipation.

  • Shipping is estimated by our shopping cart and is calculated based on the weight of the goods, your location and your choices of shipping methods.
  • Shipping will be added during shopping cart checkout. You will see the price of shipping before you complete your transaction. This is the only way to see how much your shipping will cost so please load your cart in order to get yourself a shipping quote.
  • The method and price of shipping may change from time to time.
  • We are now able to ship accessories to a military address via postal mail, as long as it can be done without sending someone to a post office to fill out forms.. Please check the requirements for mail to your military address before ordering.
  • Sundays do not count as days of delivery. Depending upon the shipping method Saturdays may or may not be counted as shipping days.
  • All shipments will require signatures unless the “signature required” is unchecked during the checkout process.
  • There may be no tracking number on certain shipments.

Send it flat and folded in an envelope!

So you’ve made your template for a small hairpiece or a full head wig. What now? Well don’t look for a large box and expensive, ineffective Express Mail.

If you made a tape template using the method we explain in our General FAQ, you can fold it flat into quarters and put it in a flat envelope. A couple of stamps and regular mail will usually get it here quicker than expensive Express Mail.

The template, once unfolded, will definitely still accurately represent your head shape. Don’t worry about folding it. Again, no need for a big box. Boxes have arrived split open and empty, but envelopes always make it intact.

Not in the USA? Again, a flat envelope is better and less expensive to mail or ship in.

Express mail and any postal mail requiring a signature can be delayed for several days if we miss the moment of delivery for any reason, so regular mail without any signature requirement is your best bet. No signature needed!

Send to our current receiving address which is shown in the contact us menu on this website.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted.  .

Credit card, Debit card can be used via the online shopping cart system. All charges and refunds are accompanied by a matching receipt/invoice.

Custom hair replacement orders:

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Any problems will be fixed, and if you think you have a unit that has failed to meet your quality or accuracy expectations, you can have a refund. If you are switching from another vendor and you find that your first Z Hair System has, for example, a different density, we will fix it a.s.a.p. But your money back guarantee is still there for you.

Please see Return Policy page for our terms of sale on ready-made hairpieces and accessories.


Changes in the midst of manufacturing

If a custom order is made exactly per your specifications, but you have decided in the interim that your preferences have changed, this does not qualify you for a refund or replacement. We may be able to provide a reasonable savings on your next order.

Damaged Items

If a Z Hair System has been damaged in any way, beyond that of manufacturer defect or incidents in shipping, unfortunately these circumstances would not be eligible for a refund.

The Z Guarantee

Ready Made Hair Pieces

Ready-Made hairpieces may be returned for a refund of the full purchase price, with the following restrictions:
The unit must not have been cut, trimmed to size, dyed, bleached, combed, or altered in any way.
The unit must be in as-new condition, ready to serve the needs of another client.
The unit must not have any trace of odor, for example tobacco.

Custom Made Hair Pieces

Custom-Made hair system may be returned for a refund of the full purchase price, if you are returning a custom made item that did not exactly match your specifications. If this should happen, you can choose a full refund or a replacement at a discounted price.  If you choose a replacement we will send you a new item matching your specifcations as quickly as possible with a cost savings to you in the form of a credit to the original form of payment.

Any item retuned for exchange or refund must be in new condition.

The unit must not have been cut, trimmed to size, dyed, bleached, combed, or altered in any way.
The unit must be in as-new condition
The unit must not have any trace of odor, for example tobacco.

Accessories (glue,tape, cleaners etc.)

Z Hair sells adhesives and accessories for your convenience but does not manufacture them. We are unable to offer refunds for any accessory products that you try and dislike. This does not affect our Z guarantee, but these accessories are offered at low prices for your convenience and you may find them ideal for your needs, or not.

For reasons expressed accessories sales final. Glue, tapes and other products cannot be returned, restocked etc. For safety and logistical reasons returned accessories are discarded and refunds cannot be given. We encourage you to try new products at your own risk. What works well for client A may not be so ideal for client B etc.

The daily use of adhesives and solvents on the skin has not been officially studied for any long term health risks but it should be known that a small minority of people are sensitive to the chemicals found in various adhesive products and solvents. It is possible that using these products year after year on a daily basis could have some negative effect on any user’s health. Until proper scientific studies have been conducted we all use these products at our own risk, and look absolutely fabulous as we do so.


Our adhesives and accessories are made by various American manufacturers. Each is a common solution but a proprietary blend. As such, to publish the specific blend of a particular product would take away that competitive advantage that these few companies struggle with.

However the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for the actual active ingredients are available to anyone, and anyone can study them by using a search engine such as Google to look them up.

For example, the oil resistant white glue contains only acrylic polymer and water. You can find many MSDS for acrylic polymer.  The S4 is a citrus oil solvent in a skin-friendly strength and while these can vary, those used in cosmetics are all practically the same. The adhesive vinyl tape contours are die cut from sheet stock made by 3M.

Clients or resellers requesting MSDS for our adhesives and solvents will be directed to search for the MSDS for the active ingredients as above.

Z Hair Systems considers your confidentiality amongst our highest priority.  We will never sell or reveal your information to outside parties.

Please note, your credit card statement may reveal a NAICS/ SIC descriptor that may contain the words relevant to your purchase.

If you do not see a hair style or color that is a fit for you, give us a ring. We can get anything you need.