Meet Bruce Zwelsky

Bruce Zwelsky, Founder of Z Hair Systems, has long been a trusted advocate in the arena of non surgical men’s hair replacement solutions.  It started with a personal quest to look his best.  Like many men, Bruce began to experience hair loss.  In exploring options and settling on a few that were less than desirable on his journey, he was determined to discover the best way to have a natural looking head of hair.

Over the years, Bruce developed an expertise in hair replacement for men. He found not only the best non-surgical options in hair replacement systems, but the most effective methods of application.  Looking great, he often found that those around him had no clue that he was even wearing a hair piece.

Every man deserves to be confident.

Friends would comment on their own hair loss saying “Well, if I had a head of hair like you…”  That is when Bruce realized that his secret could be the very thing that restored confidence of other men.  He began consulting those around him and, watching the excitement of his peers, a passion began to develop for offering guidance on a grander scale.

Today, Z Hair Systems is more than an online retailer for the highest quality men’s hair pieces.  Bruce Zwelsky is available for personal, one-to-one consultation.  Before you choose to live a life with thinning hair or elect to have an invasive surgery, schedule a call with Bruce.  He will personally invest his years of experience into ensuring you make the right decision, selecting the right product and perfecting the methods that will leave your friends and family say “Wow, he looks great.”

Why book a personal consultation?

A Trusted Friend in Men's Hair Replacement

Bruce Zwelsky offers one-to-one consultation for those that are looking to enhance their image with a natural looking men’s hair replacement system.  Whether you are experienced in this area or exploring whether options are right for you, Bruce has a wealth of knowledge to share.

You don’t have to walk this journey alone.  Benefit from years of experience by booking a personal consultation with Bruce Zwelsky of Z Hair Systems today  Bruce knows the answers to your questions and can guide you in what to do and certainly what not to do.

Before you know it, you will be looking your best with a natural looking head of hair and a lifestyle that exudes confidence.

Don’t wait.  Book your personal consultation with Bruce today!

If you do not see a hair style or color that is a fit for you, give us a ring. We can get anything you need.